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Landshaft in Lchashen


man and woman in Etiuni dresses

A royal dinner

Dinner in ancient royal clothes, in a suitable environment and from traditional Armenian cuisine.

one person10,000 drams

Royal dining with live national or classical music

Live performance by master and distinguished musicians: Armenian folk instruments, piano + delicious cuisine.

one person15,000 drams

Etiuni guesthouse
Etiuni guesthouse restaurant


From a varied menu according to your choice and preference.

According to the menu, however 5,000 dramsenough to be full and satisfied, we have separate travel packages

Thematic concert evenings

Folk instruments, piano, singers

The navazguy is planned for groups of 20 people. one person5,000 drams, 1 glass of fine wine as a treat

Piano in Etiuni guesthouse
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