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forgotten kingdom

Our vision is to become the center of archaeological experiential tourism in the region


Etiuni guesthouse

Overnight at the guest house

The price includes morning breakfast, the rooms have a separate bathroom, bathtub

Etiuni village

Overnight in the houses of the villagers

The price includes breakfast, clean, comfortable bed

Camping with Etiuni

Overnight in tents

The price includes the tent, mat, sleeping bag, flashlight and breakfast

Sevan lake


The village of Lchashen, famous for its impenetrable Cyclopean fortress and royal tombs, is one of the oldest settlements in Armenia. The village used to be called Portak. The etymology of the name Portak is connected with the Armenian toponym Berdak, and most likely the village had the name Berdak, Berdats village or Berdk in the Middle Ages. It was renamed Lchashe in 1946. on April 26.

The ancient written evidences about Lchashen refer to the period of the kingdom of Van (8th century BC). The cuneiform inscription left by King Argishti I has reached us, according to which this is the land of the city of Kekhuni, which was conquered by him. Lchashen was included in the Etiun tribal confederation, one of the most powerful Ahoyans of the Kingdom of Van, and was one of the key centers on its northeastern border.


Discover the unique archaeological complex in Armenia. Travel back in time to the ancient history and culture of the Bronze Age of Lchashen.

Dragon stone found near Sevan


Start an archaeological-historical-cultural tour to Lchashen, where ancient wonders await you. 

Etiuni adventure tour


Start your adventure tour to Lchashen and discover the hidden treasures of Armenia's ancient past. 

Etiuni old stones


Discover the wonders of Lchashen on an environmental tour focused on preserving and appreciating its natural treasures.

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